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Lunar New Year Celebrations at EITA Bukit Raja

On 15 February 2024, the EITA Bukit Raja office radiated with joy and festivity as we warmly embraced the Lunar New Year. The air was filled with excitement, and the aroma of a delightful meatless lunch added a special touch to the celebration.
EITA-rians from all departments were cordially invited to join in the festivities, marking a momentous occasion for unity and camaraderie. This Lunar New Year celebration held special significance as it, in some ways, commemorated over three years since the inauguration of our new office.

The highlight of the day was our first lion dance performance, adding a vibrant and traditional flair to the festivities. The rhythmic beats and mesmerizing movements of the lion dance brought an extra dose of joy and good fortune to our workplace.

As we embark on this new Lunar Year, let’s collectively embrace the promise of prosperity and good luck. Gong Xi Fa Cai! May the year ahead be filled with success, happiness, and shared achievements for all EITA-rians.

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