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Fuji Paperless Recorder

PC software for display storage data on CRT of PC and PC loader software for parameter setting for the Recorder is deliveried as standard accessory. Root extraction, Subtractions, Integration and Fvalue calculation function are also included as standard. Operation menu with guidance display offer to ease operation.

 1. Long Term Record Data Saving
  3 years in Compact Flash
  (In case of using 1GB Compact Flash)
 2. Saved Data playback
  Saved data in Memory card can be easily called out and played back on display
 3. Math and totalization
  These functions are available as standard
 4. Communication
  RS485, MODBUS RTU protocol is available. (option)
  Ethernet (10Base-T) is available. (option)
 5. Screen saver
  Period of non-operation exceeds the setting value of parameter, recorder turns off the backlight of LCD.
 6. PC support softwares (Data Viewer/Parameter Loader)
  Supplied in a CD-ROM as a part of standard accessory
 7.  Compact size
  160 (W) X 144 (H) X 185 (D) mm (Panel mount) 1.5kg compact size
 8. 9-point recording and 18-point max. recording
  12 types of thermocouples, 5 types of resistance bulbs and voltage/current input are available
Fuji Microjet Recorder
FUJI recently introduced an inkjet technology that incorporates piezoelements in a microjet recorder for use in industrial applications. The microjet recorder uses six-color channel recording having no apparent phase difference and can print many kinds of symbols, including figures and letters. The PHA model has 12 channel recording and the PHC model has six. A general-purpose, low-end PHE model is also available. The ink cartridges for all models are reusable. The interactive system makes operation easy.
1.  Continuous recording
  6 colors
  180mm width, 12 channels
   100mm width, 6 channels
 2. Digital data printing in channel color
 3.  Self-printing scale in channel color
 4.  Tag No./Name printing in channel color, 8 digits (Max)
 5. Message printing in 6 color
 6. Long life recording
  6 months continuous operation with one cartridge
 7. Color on each channel is selectable
  The following status printing is available for analyzing recording results
  Alarm (Red at alarm ON, black at alarm OFF, Channel No. and time are printed)
  Ink shortage
  Recording start mark
  Chart speed change mark
 8. High reliability recording
  6 colors continuous trace
  Ink is not soluble in water, excellent water/sunlight resisting characteristics
 9. Compact and light-weight design
  Mass (weight): 2.1kg/100mm width, 6.0kg/180mm width
  Depth: 199mm
 10. Simple choice
  The 100 and 180mm width recorders are configurable on each channel and accept most industrial inputs
   The recorder operates on AC power 100 to 240V
 11. RS-485 Communications