The principal activities of this company is to carry out focused R&D on EITA’s very own manufactured products, especially for its Elevator and Busduct systems. In August 2013, EITA Research & Development successfully attained its R&D Status granted by Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).

EITA continues to innovate and improve its products to stay competitive and stand out against the competitors. Part of the IPO proceeds have been set aside for R&D, as it is our strategic long term commitment towards strengthening the Group’s future growth.

Moving forward, at our 3-acre site in Bukit Raja, Klang, the goal is to complete our proposed new factory in 2018 which would also house our new R&D facility. This R&D facility would allow us to drive further product innovation. It will be equipped with a Test Tower to support our elevator R&D efforts such as developing high-speed lifts and other improvements.

We also continue to put EITA manufactured products through the tough rigors of internationally recognized testing process and certification standards to make them world class. Such as successfully attaining KEMA-Type Test Certificate from DEKRA Certification Group and ASTA-Type Test for our Busduct systems.