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SANYO has launched a new range of FULL High Definition (HD) Cameras consisting of 9 models. The network cameras were unveiled in ASIS International Seminar and Exhibition 2009. These cameras are capable to provide up to 4Mega Pixels MJPEG and Full High Definition video for critical security requirements. This is the world’s first complete lineup of Full HD 1080p and full frame rate compatible network cameras that even offer multi-streaming H.264 and MJPEG codecs and includes four various form factor models – Box, Dome, Zoom and PTZ.

A. Main Features 
World’s first complete lineup of Full HD / Full Frame Rate Camera 
The SANYO HD models record the highest quality video offering crisp, clear images for monitoring in important security applications.

Up to 4 Megapixel resolution (2288 x 1712)Twin engine incorporating New “Xacti HD-Pro” and “Optimum IP-Pro” technologies for more power and a smoother operating environment 
In this new HD Series, all models incorporate advanced H.264 video compression for Full HD (1920 x 1080) video recording or 2288 x 1712 M JPEG resolution. SANYO also includes its high quality video technology that is also found in its consumer-use “Dual Camera” Xacti lineup. The technology has been further upgraded, resulting in an enhanced image quality processing engine to make a new “Xacti HD-Pro” engine.
The top-end models also feature a twin engine system that utilizes a new network-oriented engine known as “Optimum IP-Pro”. This helps to manage image and network processing separately for bandwidth optimization. 

Multi-streaming, utilizing dual codecs, which support both H.264 and MJPEG 
(all models) 

Video analytics provides intelligent video motion detection using face finding and tripwire functionality  
(VCC-HD2500, VDC-HD3500, VCC-HD4600, VCC-HD5600, VCC-HD5400)
Focus Assist Drive, for easy installation. Mount the camera, push the button and allow the camera to do the rest.
(VCC-HD2100, VCC-HD2300, VCC-HD2500, VDC-HD3100, VDC-HD3300, VDC-HD3500)

A 40% size reduction
The camera size has been reduced by more than 40% over previous models due to innovative high-density package technology. The smaller size allows for more discreet applications.  

B. Additional Features of the new SANYO HD Cameras: (*features differ by model)

  • High resolution 4MP images, Full HD video 
  • Capable of using H.264/MJPEG dual codecs simultaneous output, a max of 30fps 
  • Focus Assist Drive for easy focus adjustment 
  • Cropping & Digital PTZ 
  • Video analytics 
  • SD card slot and USB support 
  • Full duplex audio, with an Interactive Voice Function 
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) 
  • Auto IP setup utility for easy IP address management 
  • 3D-DNR function reduces noise level 
  • Flexible system configuration 
  • Alarm i/o port s 
  • Privacy masking 
  • Intelligent motion detection 
  • Face detection automatically tunes images 

C. Models

Box Cameras (VCC-HD2500, VCC-HD2300, VCC-HD2100) 
Traditional camera housing in a compact package utilizing CS mount lenses with Focus Assist Drive. The box cameras come in Day/Night versions (VCC-HD2500 and VCC-HD2300) and color version (VCC-HD2100). The cameras offer Motion Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction (3D) to reduce video noise resulting in increased video quality. 

Vandal-Resistant Dome Cameras (VDC-HD3500, VDC-HD3300, VDC-HD3100) 
SANYO Dome cameras are used in many applications ranging from simple shop surveillance to high-profile outdoor CCTV surveillance. The Dome Cameras have a varifocal lens from 3-9mm with Focus Assist drive for easy set-up. They are vandal and IP66-rated weather resistant.

Zoom Camera (VCC-HD4600) 
The new SANYO zoom camera offers an optical 10x/digital 16x zoom with up to 4 megapixel resolution. The zoom camera incorporates day/night technology for around-the-clock monitoring. Storage Options: SD memory card or HDD recording. 

PTZ Cameras (VCC-HD5600, VCC-HD5400) 
The SANYO PTZ Cameras offer an optical 10x/digital 16x zoom with in a compact PTZ dome with Day/Night technology. Storage options: SD memory card or USB HDD recording.