Product & Services

With our in house ISPQ certified professional team, EITA’s experience is available throughout the value chain of solar PV project integration. Our services include:
– Project design and management
– System installation and maintenance
– TNB & SEDA FiT application
– Distribution of high quality PV products

 Bosch Solar Module

Made of highly efficient mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar cells, crystalline modules from Bosch achieve high efficiency rates. We offer two product series with 48-cell or 60-cell modules. Both sizes are available in classic silver or stylish black.
– Excellent quality assured through use of the best European-standard components
– Excellent processing and long-term stability right along the value-added chain
– Higher specific yields due to positive power sorting
– Product certification to IEC 61215 Edition 2
– Protection class II/ IEC 61730
– 10 years product warranty
– 25-years performance warranty
10 Years Product Warranty*
Bosch R & D know-how and high-quality materials make our solar modules the very best. We offer a ten-year product warranty for materials and valid from the day of delivery.
 25 Years Performance Warranty*
We also offer a performance warranty that guarantees the rated power output indicated on data sheets and within the specified measurement tolerance range – at least 90 % of the rated output for the first 10 years and 80 % for a full 25 years after delivery.
 * The currently valid Bosch Solar Energy AG warranty conditions shall apply. These can be found online under the heading “Technical Documentation”.
ABB String Inverter
ABB string inverters cost-effectively convert the direct current generated by solar panels into high quality alternating current that can be fed into the power network. Designed to meet the needs of the entire supply chain – from system integrators an d installers to end users – these transformerless, single phase inverters are suitable for small and medium-size photovoltaic systems connected to the public electricity network. 
– High total efficiency
– Built-in monitored system SPDs, string fuses, DC switch
– High maximum input voltage
– Wide DC input voltage range
– Detachable control unit with graphical display
– Integrated performance data monitoring
– Outdoor IP55 enclosures with additional safety features
BETAflam Solar Cable

Whether it is an off-grid application or a grid connected PV system – our cables meet the same high expectations that are demanded from the solar modules.

Our double insulated, electron-beam cross-linked cables meets the highest requirements for solar cables in the most important photovoltaic markets of Europe and the USA and can be used unrestrictedly as a module or connecting cable.

Out products have both TÜV approval for the European market and UL approval according to the latest NEC specifications (National Electric Code 2008/UL Outline 4703)

– Electron-beam cross-linked compounds
– UV, ozone and hydrolysis resistant
– High temperature resistant, the materials do not melt or flow
– Good cold flexibility
– Very long service life > 25 years at 90°
– Compatible to all popular connectors