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System Requirement 

The following shall be included in the system :

a) VHF, UHF and FM channelised antenna & Headend channelised amplifier 

b) Satellite dish and satellite amplifier 

c) Lightning surge arrestor 

d) Terrestrial and Satellite repeater amplifier 

e) Splitter unit / Tap off unit ( support up to 2.4GHz ) 

f) Satellite / TV / FM outlet unit ( Support loop and End type together ) 

g) Distribution Co-axial RG6 and RG11 cable ( support up to 3GHz ) 

The SMATV system shall enable reception of off air satellite signal available in the region or from Astro ( or MITV ) and it also shall be provision to receive any local television signal transmitted by TV1, TV2, TV3, NTV7, 8TV, Channel 9 & FM/AM. The system also capable to receive the video convertion signal to any area designated. The system shall be combined satellite and VHF / UHF signal and distributed via a same distribution system. 

The system shall be continuously rated. It shall be designed for receive the transmission of signals in the VHF / UHF band and Satellite band. 

All components used in the system shall be electrically and phisically matched to prevent discontinuities in the system. Input and output impedance of all components used must be 75 ohms. 

The required channel signal shall pass out of the system into the television receivers, but interference cannot pass from the receiver back into the system. Adequately safety precaution must be taken to ensure that if any set connected to the sytsem goes defective, it is not possible for dangerous voltages to get on to the system. This safety must be built in at the T.V. outlet and effective in the case of accidental failures.