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Bosch Integrated IP Security System
Integrated IP Security System is the combination of multiple security technology into a single intuitive control system for easy monitoring and manipulation. The system shall be an IP web based access control system whereby any computer can be used to operate the controller (or control panel) directly using a standard web browser program available freely.
The controller shall be a black-box design with embedded software built-in, including a web server program. The basic functions are:

  • Card access control
  • Alarm monitoring and handling procedures
  • Time attendance data capture and post processing
  • Video verification and video surveillance
The following software functions provided as below:
  • Administrators or users access rights setup 
  • Password assign to all users and administrators
  • Centralized access control and alarm transactions monitoring
  • Remote control functions for access control, arming/disarming of alarm points and on/off controls 
  • Alarm monitoring and alarm handling procedures
  • Card database administration
  • Global card formats setup
  • View ‘Live’ or ‘Playback’ video
  • Compare ‘Live’ and ‘Playback’ video
  • Grant/Deny access based on video verification feature
  • Auto detect the available cameras
  • Report generation of transactions