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EITA Resources Berhad – 28th Annual General Meeting

On 26 February 2024, EITA Resources Berhad conducted its second fully virtual 28th Annual General Meeting (AGM) through the Tricor Investor & Issuing Housing Services online platform. With a quorum in attendance, the meeting began at 11:00 am, led by our Non-Independent Non-Executive Chairman, Dato’ Siow Kim Lun. EITA Group Managing Director, Mr Lim Joo Swee, and Chief Financial Officer, Mr Sia Ching Hwee, were also present to address shareholder inquiries.
Mr Lim’s opening remarks covered FY2023’s financial performance, challenges, and growth opportunities in 2024. He concluded by expressing gratitude to EITA’s staff and Board of Directors for their dedication and support, contributing to an impressive performance in FY2023.
A Q&A session with shareholders followed, with responses from Mr Lim and Mr Sia. Subsequently, shareholders participated in a voting session for seven agenda items:
Approve payment of Directors’ fees and benefits.
Re-elect Mr. Lee Peng Sian as a Director.
Re-elect Ir. Haji Omar Bin Mat Piah as a Director.
Re-elect Ms. Kow Poh Gek as a Director.
Re-appoint KPMG PLT as Auditors.
Approve general authority for Directors to issue shares.
Approve the Proposed Renewal of Share Buy-Back Authority.
The 28th AGM concluded around 12:00 PM after Asia Securities Sdn. Bhd., the appointed independent scrutineer, validated the poll results, and all seven resolutions were accepted.

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