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High Speed Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs) 
Our PLCs feature high processing speeds and compatibility with various networks for increasingly complex, high-speed and advanced machine and measurement control, and our scalable multicontrollers exceed the conventional PLC framework.
Realizes High-Speed Advanced Machine Control
I/O control with a program capacity of up to 256K steps and up to 8192 points enables suitable system configuration ranging from small through to large scale. 1ms program scan and I/O refresh are possible. Function and performance distribution are possible in multi-CPU system configuration with up to 8 CPUs.
Meets Increasing Demand for Higher Reliability
Compatible with CPU redundancy and power supply redundancy as standard functions. 1:1 warm standby or N:1 cold standby can be selected as required.
Open Network Oriented
Both the hardware and software conform to the IEC 61131 international standard for programmable controllers. Compatible with Ethernet, LonWorks, FL-net, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS-DP, AS-I and other diverse open networks.
Realizes Integrated Programming Support
Loaders for functional modules and POD, mainly loaders for programmable controllers realized on a personal computer, can be used in an integrated environment. Sharing of variable names (labels) required for each loader, and mutual data reference at the time of programming and debugging, can be performed easily.
Applicable to Software Control
Operates on a personal computer and panel controller, and the functions provide software equivalent to each hardware. Software PLC: Equivalent to the integrated controllers SPH Software POD: Equivalent to the programmable operation display POD (TELLUS made of Hakko Electronics Co., Ltd)
The SX Communication Middleware enables coordination with commercial SCADA software.
Note: This software accommodates system business talks. For details, contact our sales section.
Realizes Remote Monitoring, Maintenance Support, and Preventive Maintenance Using IT
On-site information can be obtained in optimal ways such as monitoring by the Web browser via the Internet or intranets, E-mail transmission when an error occurs, and remote operation using support tools to realize labour savings, planned maintenance, and more swift maintenance service.
SPH2000 Integrates Control and Information/Communication
With advanced data processing functions, large-capacity memory, and the Ethernet build-in functions, expansion of application to the IT-related areas such as operation history of production systems/equipment, tracking of products, and recording when a facility fails, in addition to the conventional FA control, can be considered.
High-Speed Processing and Distributed Placement of SX Bus Enable Seamless Connection of Operation Display Units and Servo Inverter. Network System Variety Strongly BackUp Optimum System Configuration from Small System with Embedded Machine to A Large-scale Hierarchical Distributed System.