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RF Equipment (up to 3GHz) 90 – 350

Novaris gas discharge surge protectors are capable of passing RF signals to 3GHz (limited by connector type). N-type female / female protectors are suitable for bulkhead mounting.

RF Equipment (up to 6GHz) 600-1000

surge protectionRF Equipment (up to 6GHz) 600-1000

Compliant with the relevant IEC lightning and surge protection standards, in particular IEC 62305 and IEC 61643.Safe Metal Enclosure –
Novaris surge protection products are housed in safe, all metal enclosures. In the event of a prolonged overvoltage they will not catch fire and explode.

RF Equipment – Tuned Stub – 900

Novaris tuned stub surge protectors employ quarter-wavelength short circuit stub technology.
Suitable for narrow bandwidth applications where no DC voltage is injected. RF power and surge rating are limited by the cables and connectors only.

RF Equipment – High Power

Novaris high power surge protectors suit applications including MF, HF and VHF transmitters to 50kW.
The spark gap arrester has an optical arc sensor which may be used to momentarily interrupt the transmitter.