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Project Costing & Budgeting for Non-Finance Staff Training
12 Sep 2019
To improve EITA Elevator’s staffs’ skills, a training entitled “Project Costing & Budgeting for Non-Finance Staff” was held in EITA’s training room on 12 – 13 Sept 2019. Staff from various operational departments of EITA Elevator attended the training.
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EITA Sports Club Appreciation Dinner 2019
23 Aug 2019
On Friday, 23rd August 2019, EITA Selangor Sports Club held an Appreciation Dinner for the committee members of 2018/2019, ushers and performers for the their hard-work in organizing 23rd EITA Annual Dinner.
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Furutec - Gotong Royong Clean-up
21 Aug 2019
On 21st August 2019, Furutec Electrical’s operational staff conducted a “Gotong- Royong Clean-up” event at its Furutec plant in Penang. The main objective of the activity was to clean-up, especially the drainage area and to beautify the factory premise.
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July-Sept Birthday, Excellence and Long Service Award
16 Aug 2019
On 16th August 2019, EITArians once again gathered in Subang Headquarter to celebrate the birthday of July, August and September-born staff.
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EITA Sports Club - AGM 2019
09 Aug 2019
EITA Sports Club held their 2019AGM on 8th August2019 at EITA Training Room. Two weeks ago, the voting process for the new 2019/2020committee was conducted, with the election results announced during the AGM.
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