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MBAM CITA Award 2020
09 Apr 2021
On 9 April 2021, EITA Resources Bhd received the CITA 2020 award under the category “Special Mention for Mechanical & Electrical Contractor for Innovation in Vertical Transportation System” from Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM).
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MBR certificate “Tallest Elevator Test Tower in Malaysia”
23 Mar 2021
On 23 Mar 2021, Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) handed over the MBR certificate “Tallest Elevator Test Tower in Malaysia” to Mr. JS Lim (EITA Elevator Malaysia - EEM) and Mr. FS Wee (EITA-Schneider Mfg - ESM), thus officially recognising EITA-Schneider’s elevator test tower to be the tallest in Malaysia.
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EITA Resources Berhad 25th AGM
22 Feb 2021
On Monday, 22nd February 2021, EITA Resources Berhad held its 25th AGM. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic situation, this AGM was held remotely hosted by virtually via the Remote Participation and Voting broadcast facility provided by Tricor Investor & Issuing House Services Sdn Bhd (“Tricor”) at their premise at Bangsar South.
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EITA Virtual New Year Celebration 2021
07 Jan 2021
To start off the new year 2021 with a BANG. EITA organised a Virtual New Year Celebration on 7th of January 2021. All of the fellow EITArians were invited to take part in this celebration via virtual meeting. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and adapting to the New Norm, this is the first Virtual New Year Celebration organized by EITA to kick-start the year of 2021, and essentially to bring good feel and motivation to everyone despite of this challenging period.
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EITA Resources Berhad EGM
31 Dec 2020
On Thursday, 31st December 2020, EITA Resources Berhad held an EGM in relation to proposed Bonus Issue of Shares and Bonus Issue of Warrants.
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